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Professional, Reliable, Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Services
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General and Deep Cleaning.

Arkay Domestic Services are specialized in General and Deep Cleaning. We do post construction deep cleaning, move in/move out cleaning and fumigation. We also deep clean Offices, Showrooms and other Commercial and Residential spaces.
Our General Cleaning includes cleaning of
Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen and Living Room are washed and wiped with the help of basic cleaning products, like detergent, water, disinfectant and toilet cleaners. Furniture is wiped and dusted and floors are vacuumed.

Our Deep Cleaning for Bedrooms Include:

All electrical installations, Stains on walls, Dust removal from Curtains, Dust removal from Window Grills, Glass Cleaning, Shelves cleaning, Cabinets and Furniture Cleaning, Vacuumed and Dust removal from Carpets.

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Our Deep Cleaning for Bathrooms Include:

Walls Cleaning, Mirror Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, All Bathroom Fitting (tiles, basins and bathtubs, Stains Removal)

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Our Deep Cleaning for Kitchen Include:


Cabinets and Shelves wiping and dusting, Vessel washing Sink and Drying Counters cleaning with anti-bacterial solution, cleaning of stove and chimneys, Refrigerator cleaning, Microwave cleaning, Floor Cleaning.

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Our Deep Cleaning for Outdoor Include:


Cleaning of Balconies and Outdoor Patios, Outdoor Furniture and other decorative items are dusted and wiped.

Hospitals, Clinics and Hotels Cleaning.

Arkay Domestic Service provides one of the best cleaning service to Hospital, Hotels & Clinics. We offer environmental services like (housekeeping, bio-cleaning of patient rooms, operation rooms and hotels rooms) which will contribute to enhancing the reliability, hygiene, safety and comfort of healthcare and hotel environments, ultimately leading to wider health and hospitality outcomes.

Our Cleaning Service focus on client-specific and measurable outcomes, which directly participate in the improvement of client's performance, reputation and competitiveness.

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Commercial Cleaning.

Arkay Domestic Services provide complete range of Commercial Cleaning. Our latest equipment and well experienced and trained Team are specialized in giving the best cleaning service for commercial and industrial buildings such as hospitals, banks, restaurants, cafes, hotels, shopping malls, boutiques, warehouses, factories, supermarkets, schools, colleges, government buildings and many more. We work at every level of cleaning services starting from cleaning the windows or any glass panels to vacuuming the area and so forth.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services includes Office Cleaning, Office Carpet Cleaning, Hospital/Clinic Cleaning, Warehouse Cleaning, Furniture and Curtains Cleaning, Events Cleaning, Building Cleaning, School/College Cleaning, Renovation Cleaning, Construction Area Cleaning, Shopping Mall Cleaning and Nursery Cleaning

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Residential Cleaning.

Arkay Domestic Services provides complete solution for Residential Cleaning. We help you in making your home a clean and sparkling place to live in. We provide cleaning services for all types of residential such as bungalows, villas and apartments. With our latest and improved equipment and well experience team will provide you with a thorough cleaning service at every corner of the house, villa, bungalow.

Arkay Domestic Services team is fully trained to take extra care while cleaning around the house and also while dealing with fragile objects. Our Residential Cleaning Service includes Bedroom Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Living Room Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Garden Cleaning, Garage Cleaning.

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After Party Cleaning.

Arkay Domestic Services are specialize in After Party cleaning at your Office or Home. You need not to do anything just sit and relax, we do everything form cleaning, scrubbing, and spraying. We also take clean ups f rom festivals, weddings, birthdays, conventions, office or private parties with the lowest price.We deliver you the best results. Our experienced and trained team and latest cleaning equipment is available to carry out the service on weekdays and even on weekends.

We make sure that our team cleans all the garbage items like bottles, cans and cleans the floor as well. We also make sure that all your dishes are washed, the bathroom is polished, sanitized and the kitchen is clean as well. You give your home to our safe hands to clean and our professionally experienced team will perform all the cleaning services as per the requirements. There are many things one may take into consideration when it comes for an after party cleaning service.

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Sofa and Carpet Shampooing

We offer complete professional sofa and carpet shampooing service to residential and commercial cleaning your upholstery, cushions, fabric, leather and suede couch. Our service helps to remove all stains and marks and also improves its durability while restoring the fabric brightness. With almost no drying time, your sofa or carpet will regains its original look. And at the same time hygiene is our topmost priority. Arkay Domestic Service offers professional Sofa & Carpets cleaning service which will restore the fresh look and extend the life.


We have experienced team that cleans sofa and carpets so effectively without having any damage. Arkay Domestic Service provides a clean and healthy environment in your office and home. We deliver the highest quality sofa and carpet cleaning and shampooing service. Our wide range of service suite your residential and commercial cleaning needs. Our focus is to deliver best cleaning service in Tamilnadu with our experienced and trained team.​​

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